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The King – Epilogue

Epilogue “Are you sure.” Roark’s voice trails off as he comes out of the hole in the wall. The ice glinting from the Siszero’s light. Roark is a bit taken… Read more »

The King – Chapter 21

Chapter 21.1 – The recovered weapon “How can a weapon the size of a person really defeat someone who destroyed a fleet by themselves?” “I know. I don’t get it…. Read more »

The King – Chapter 20

Chapter 20.1 – Home out of time. Despite being well inside Coalition territory the recent run in with the Black Guard of the Supreme Commander caused Hocdin to be far… Read more »

The King – Chapter 18

Chapter 18.1 – An unlikely assignment. “Command Five Orlen Osyrian.” The doctor calls out. Orlen opens his eyes lightly. He was still in the medical room that he had been… Read more »