The King – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Shaken! And anarchy.

“Get some sleep. We will have to move before dawn.”

“There is still no official word from the white house regarding what happened at the spot behind me some hours ago. Police, fire and rescue and even National Guard have moved in and blocked out all traffic to the area. Large metallic wreckage can still be seen burning in the distance.” The Television plays, the light from it dimly illuminates the small room.

“Hey did you hear me?” Jason asks.

“Yes I did.” Amelia responds sitting at the edge of the queen size bed. Jason looks around not happy that they had chosen an older run down motel. The walls were covered with wood pattern wallpaper.

“Was it everything you wanted?” Jason asks sitting on the bed his back leaning against the wall.

“Yes and no. The revenge was sweet. But this.” She says switching the channel to another news station as she holds out her hand towards the TV.

“The riots started at the Vatican shortly after it was leaked from the United States that a ship of aliens had attacked humans several hours ago. Police forces have tried to keep the calm but after the pope came out trying to calm the masses and was shot there has been no stop or even slowing of the violence here.” The camera focus on the television suddenly jerks as a gunshot rings out. The camera continues to display the images as a group of men come and begin beating the reporter while the camera man falls to the ground dying. The camera continues to transmit the footage to the studio. The images shift away quickly to the studio. The stunned faces of the two TV anchors cause the channel to go to commercials. Amelia raises her hand again using energy to push the button and change the channel again.

“But that is what is really startling. Such a huge event like this not getting full coverage. It’s just unacceptable!” The man on the TV says angrily. Amelia sighs looking down before responding.

“Did we really do the right thing?” Amelia asks

“There was no other way.” Jason responds.

“I wish I had your confidence.” Amelia says looking back over her shoulder at Jason.

“You have to let go. I know it’s all very hard but just live.” Jason responds. Amelia looks forward before turning to get on her hands and knees. She moves up the bed till she lies down with her head on Jason’s chest. He gently strokes her hair as he gives her a kiss on her forehead.

“You really think this will pass over?” Amelia asks still skeptical. Jason pulls his head away from her a bit catching her attention. She feels him move and turns her head to look up at his face.

“You can feel them too right?” Jason asks. Amelia’s face betrays the fact that she did.

“Yes I feel them.” She responds simply to be polite. She turns forward laying her head back onto his chest.

“They don’t send a fleet for us to be nice. If we fall they will exterminate our planet.” Jason replies looking back forward at the TV. The anchors seem to be a bit unorganized.

“Ok viewers it seems the presidential conference will start any minute, we’re going to commercial break and will return with the president’s address from the White House.” The screen goes black for a second before commercials come back on. The two sit in the room holding each other.

“Do you regret what I did?” Jason asks.

“No, I am glad you did it. You did what I wanted to do, but couldn’t bring myself to.” Amelia answers as the commercials on the TV suddenly cut short to a podium in front of a hall with two American flags on each side. The President walks in from one side of a hall then down the hall to the podium.

“I want to thank you all for coming, and all of those Americans watching right now.” He says his hands gripping the podium. He looks around the room briefly before continuing. “There is still a great deal of information that we lack. The attack that everyone is talking about took place only five hours ago. Our analysts and top personnel are still examining every little bit of information. In fact for some things it could take weeks or months until we will be able analyze everything. What I can confirm right now is that two individuals engaged an armed force in the state of Minnesota. Those armed forces used highly advanced weaponry and armor but were subsequently defeated by the two individuals that were being attacked. Right now we have 11 confirmed dead from the first responders and another 15 injured, including one in critical condition. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones and those who are recovering.” The President finishes folding a piece of paper on the podium and sticking it in his pocket. Another individual from the right of the podium steps out waving their hands at the chorus of reporters with their hands in the air trying to get questions answered.

“There is limited number of questions, please wait until the president calls.” The lady says after the crowd had quieted a bit. She steps back with a smile to allow the event to continue. The president looks around the room at the waving hands trying to decide on one.

“Yes Eric, go ahead.” The President says pointing to a man towards the back.  The man stands up his black and white striped shirt looking freshly ironed.

“Mr. President, we’ve already gotten interviews from first responder personnel that say the people who attacked were aliens and a source in the white house has confirmed that; is the white house denying that?” The man says pointedly.

“Eric right now the attacker’s origins haven’t been confirmed. Certainly many people have seen cosmetics and suits done by movie studios. They can be frighteningly real. I would say that the people who went into that gun battle had to deal with exceptionally powerful weapons used against them. They would have a very real problem dealing with additional outlandish things being seen.” The President responds, his answer coming off as almost prewritten.  As if invisibly signaling the question answered the man sits down and the rest of the room raises their hands. The president slowly moves his hand back and forth as if combing over the crowd to pick a blade of grass with his own fingers. Finally deciding he points to the front and continues. “Jen.” The beautiful blond in the front gets up clearing her throat for a second before talking.

“As you said there were two individuals that were being attacked by this group. We have word that one of those individuals is related to one of the wounded that was pulled out by fire crew that first responded. Is there any confirmation to this and are they being held?” The woman asks with a smile. The crowd seems a bit dumbstruck. Much of that information was not something that had been spread around. The President looks a bit nervous. He looks down at the podium but it is evident no planned response to that question was there.

“They know me.” Amelia says a sense of fear in her voice. She wonders why she would be fearful of this, but something nags at her that she may have something to fear from the world knowing her name.

“Ahead of schedule. It’s fine.” Jason responds. They keep their attention fixed to the TV as the president started to give his response.

“At this time we do have confirmation that one of the individuals attacked was related to one of the innocent people caught in the cross fire. At this time we are not revealing their names or where about.”  The President says in a passive tone.

“So you don’t know who they are.” Jen says before sitting down, a smirk on her face. It was obvious the remark hit the president deeply. The other lady to the right comes forward again

“Time for one more question.” She says before stepping back.

“Pat.” The president says pointing to a man towards his right before the other lady had even managed to step back. The crowd is a bit shocked as most had barely begun to put their hands up before he called him.

“The riots in the Vatican and a fair amount of the holy cities around the world have turned violent with the death of the Pope, as well as the deaths of several influential Jewish and Muslim religious leaders. Has there been any kind of response or plan discussed or put in place to help stabilize the regions?” Pat says after he stands. The question was a dark reality many in the room were trying to ignore. Many of the news stations present had personnel trapped or dead inside these zones where religious friction was cracking and splitting the followers, causing massive riots and runs on food stores. The President looks around with a sad face.

“My heart goes out to those who have died and suffered during this turmoil. Plans have been discussed regarding the unrest throughout the world. We’ve also worked with the UN in hopes to help ease these massive riots that have taken over whole cities. I know the many police forces and even some militaries are having a terrible time trying to keep citizens safe during the riots. I know every country I have been able to get a hold of is trying to solve this as non-violently as possible and as a country of peace we will try our hardest to assist countries who wish our help, especially to solve those issues without violence or the loss of life. Thank you.” The president says before turning and walking away from the podium. A man unhappy stands up on his chair at the back.

“What about the alien fleet heading towards us?” The man yells. The President stops mid stride in the hall. The woman to the right of the podium charges out. She points at the guards at the rear of the room then points to the man still standing on his chair. As the man can be seen being hauled off the chair the camera goes black before the feed is sent back to the view of the two news anchors behind the large desk. The man and woman begin to talk back and forth. Jason pays them little attention.

“So they already know about the fleet.” Jason says as he looks down. Amelia lays there asleep. He smiles a bit surprised that she had fallen asleep. He slowly moves her off of him until her head rests on the pillow. She mumbles a bit not happy that the warm body she had been laying against was replaced by a cold pillow but she continues to sleep. Jason gets up walking over to the hotel closet and pulling out a spare wool blanket. He turns off the TV as he spreads the blanket out over her.  He sighs lightly looking up at the ceiling. Closing his eyes he raises his hand. Nearly clear specks swirl around his hands. His sense of the gate use amplifies. Soon he can feel the users aboard the Coalition fleet. They had added another hundred purple to blue level gate users. He shakes his head as he lets his hands fall to his side. He walks to the other side of the bed pulling the covers back and climbing into the bed. He smiles as he looks at Amelia’s face. He runs his hand across her face before leaning over and giving her a light kiss on the lips.

“Good night, I love you.” Jason says.

“I love you.” She mumbles back in her sleep.