The King – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7.1 – For the galaxies future.

The soundless space doesn’t mark the rumble of their passage but the light of the sun illuminates the slow crawl of the Coalition fleet through the Sol system. The behemoth Capital ship the Eiris Eye is only dwarfed by the combined forces of the 41 battleships, 28 carriers, 33 frigates, and 16 bombardiers. The fleet was now considered the largest in coalition space; capable of reinforcing and eliminating any threat on the line between quadrant one and quadrant three. Now this massive fleet was deep into quadrant three, not within distance to reinforce any of the other fleets that depended on it for reinforcements if they were to be pushed back.

On the bridge of the Eiris Eye, Fleet General Borheag sits in the command chair watching statistics and displays of the fleet position. The gas giant Jupiter looms through the right window. The path he had chosen would prevent as much detection as possible, however many of his most powerful gate users have already told him that the two humans had already detected their fleet far before they got to this solar system. Despite this early knowledge he hopes blocking the fleet from sight will stop the local population from assisting as much as possible in the battle. Still 25 hours since the first battle and there is still great unrest on the planet from it.

“General Borheag, reconnaissance will be transmitting new data in 2 micro-cycles.” A man in a pressed uniform says. Borheag nods at the man causing him to turn and walk away. He taps several fingers into a holographic display in front of him. Information about the system is pushed to the side enlarging an image of earth spinning. Borheag looks at the population centers amazed that the people had condensed so much in large cities.

“As is what happens when transportation is still difficult in this age.” A man says as if reading Borheag’s mind while standing behind his left shoulder. Borheag looks over his shoulder at the smiling man. He scoffs lightly before turning back to the screen. The man is unhappy at the response and continues “Of course we had cities like this once. We didn’t behave in such shameful ways though.” The man hunches over till his head is nearly the same height as Borheag.

“If you have something to report, please just say it and get ready for battle.” Borheag responds, his tone flat and utilitarian. The man looks unhappy.

“Such a lack of warmth for your adjunct.” The man responds a frown on his face. Borheag unhappy with the further interruption spins his chair to face the man after nearly hitting him with the back of the chair.

“General Ijni. If you have nothing to do but pester me I suggest you spend more time on the firing range.” Borheag says the anger obvious in his voice.

“Very well.” Ijni says shrugging his shoulders as if no other choice was given to him. “It seems Commander Urjo Hocdin was seen heading towards quadrant two. His travel time puts him well outside the ability to get to us before the strike time. This means the last of high skill combat trainers are aboard and geared.”

“It should have been expected of Hocdin to abandon a plan to do whatever he wanted.” Borheag says bitter by the news. Ijni had never seen Borheag act like this but understood that he can do little to change the situation. He turns and walks away from the bridge. Borheag watches him till he is out of sight. He had long grown tired of second guessing his choice in adjunct. The man had served him for nine cycles. Taking up the mantle only two cycles after his previous adjunct had died defending a resupply base from an Ashkelris assault. He spins his chair around to the holographic projections. The planet screen is updated by the reconnaissance ships. Information shows the further unrest in the population centers. The ability to hide his fleet would soon end, but it seemed to the General that the need to hide was something that was never there to begin with. The scanning from the reconnaissance ships put the two gold users at the center of a 40 mile section in one of the most barren areas on the continent. Borheag puts his finger into a holographic key causing the screen to blink off then on with a graphical representation of the land in the area.

The dry arid ground had only sparse vegetation and little to hide behind. Some gentle rolling hills and rock piles here and there. Borheag sighs putting his right arm on the arm rest before leaning his head on his hand. He didn’t wish to raze the planet but with fighting in such an open ground his soldiers and equipment would be fodder from great distances. It might be prudent to try attacking population centers and draw the two back to areas where his men have a better chance to attack while using cover to avoid incoming attacks. A population center would also likely prevent the two from using excessive abilities to destroy large amounts of troops in one go. However with only two targets, the cover may pose a greater chance for their enemies to use stealth and buildings for their own cover.

“Sir, Coalition command has sent a tactical analysis.” One of the communications crew says as the General ponders strategies. A red light blinks at the top of his display. He pushes his finger into the button causing his outline of the area to disappear and a sheet to appear. He reads the long report, many paragraphs having breaks with extra notes specifically from Siszero.

“Inform the fleet to move into battle formation. Tell the carrier group that they will be in the third wave. They are to land at this set of coordinates to deploy ground and air assets.” Borheag finishes as he hits several lines in the analysis that Siszero had put in. The geographical locations transfer to his joint hub. The outline of the codes change to red as the communication team accesses them for transmission. He taps several keys looking quickly over the document than continuing. “Take the fleet back into the attack lane.”

“Aye sir.” The pilot says as he begins to furiously tap buttons on his screen. A large screen in the front of the bridge displays their position next to Jupiter and then draws a curving line to their destination at the other side of earth. After calculations complete the pilot adds. “38 micro-cycles until optimal drop point sir.” Borheag looks around. The swirling of Jupiter slowly gets smaller as he can see ships to the front and sides each move in unison away from the gas giant. He stands up causing his display to vanish as he steps into it. He clears his throat some before turning his head to the communication team at his left.

“Begin transmission to the fleet.” He turns to the pilots and continues. “And keep us going to our target.”

“Transmitting now.” The communication officer says looking over at Borheag. The main monitor switches to a scan of Borheag standing on a black surface against a black background. The red Farasha skin shines bright against the backdrop.

“Crew and soldiers, we come from different families, different planets. We grew, walked, talked, and lived under different stars; but we are here now. I wish I could say we are on a mission of peace and cooperation, but alas our course is battle; our course, destruction. I know there is more than a few of you here on this fleet that do not agree with our duty today. The slaughter of a race is a terrible thing, many of you would say needlessly as well and part of me wishes to agree so completely that it hurts. As not just a citizen of the Coalition but a General in the Coalition army I can’t ignore the history that haunts us each year. For the Eiris aboard this fleet the Day of Uprising and the Day of Peace are celebrated because they are symbolic for why we go to battle today. The torture and slavery pushed onto the Eiris for the benefit of the oppressors. Never again.

Our enemies have this ability. Not just to kill but enslave and terrorize our people, our civilization. To this day they enslave their own people, terrorize each other. These are the qualities they show to the galaxy, that they are no better than the most base of animals. Unfortunately the two we fight today will protect the people of this planet regardless of how horrific they may act. They protect them with the most terrible of skills. Skills that have not been seen in a long time. Those of you who will face that threat on the ground I ask you to be careful. I wish I could say you will all be coming back, but our mission is not so kind, nor our enemies. There will be those of you that watch comrades fall around you. Remember that we fight so that we may never be enslaved; never be tortured. We fight for the freedom of our families who wait at home for our return.

I know many of you are looking around and seeing many new or perhaps old faces you’ve not seen in a while. Throw away the doubt that they will not be there for you, for they are your Coalition brothers and sisters. They will watch your back and fight for you just as you would for them. For those who join us new or return back to your posts; remember your training it will keep you live. I wish you all the best of luck. We will prevail this day.” Borheag finishes stepping back off the pad ending the transmission.

“A nice, but needless speech. We go into battle with almost half a million solders many of them Farasha. Those two won’t even be able to use energy without it being disrupted by us.” Ijni says standing behind Borheag’s left shoulder again. Borheag turns to see his adjunct in full body armor with his helmet next to him. He wanted to mention the footage of the previous attack against the two humans but Borheag can’t bring himself to remind Ijni about the gulf of battle potential his soldiers face.

“Are you really prepared to lead these soldiers on the ground?” Borheag asks his face showing a surprising seriousness Ijni hadn’t seen before.

“Of course my mentor.” Ijni says bringing his arm up to his chest in a salute. Borheag can see the fear in his eyes. Borheag slaps his right hand onto the top of Ijni’s shoulder armor.

“Listen closely Ijni, I can’t remember my security codes to board this ship so you better come back alive, otherwise how am I going to get on this contraption again?” Borheag says pulling the man a bit closer. The two laugh lightly.

“Keep the fire support on target.” Ijni says putting his hand out.

“Good luck and bring your soldiers back alive.” Borheag responds putting his hand on top of Ijni’s hand. Ijni lets his hand drop as he turns and walks away. Borheag can see a steely resolve come across the man’s face. Borheag drops into his chair after Ijni had walked out of sight. Coordination of the fleet had caused many of the bridge staff to concentrate on issuing and receiving status updates across the entire fleet. The clicking of the control consoles is nearly deafening. A pained look fills Borheag’s face as he pulls his hat down to cover his eyes as tears stream down his face. The Coalition didn’t understand what they faced. He will witness a battle field on that planet that will likely leave no survivors among his troops. His own adjunct would be sacrificed to satisfy the blood lust of the Coalition. He dries the tears from his cheeks spinning the chair to the front screen to see 10 micro-cycles remain. He taps on the holographic display updating the ground reconnaissance that had continued to run. Borheag looks at the updated information. Some population centers continued to have violent gatherings that were drawing military troops to quell them. Despite those violent gatherings, much of the planet had calmed quickly; likely as a result of their fleet being entirely in the open now. Despite their lack of advances their ability to pick up the fleet did them some praise. Now a good amount of the planet paused in wonder at the intent of the fleet.

Regardless of the righteousness of the words he spoke, when their ships reached ground and opened fire this world would know the intent, and hatred. Just as the Vesicia and Ashkelris have in the past. In the coming days another war will unleash in this galaxy. Even now Borheag knew a reinforcement fleet was in route with a few carriers and enough troop transports to carry over one million additional soldiers.

“Initiating slow down and launch of first wave ships.” The tactical officer says. The fleet slows as they pass the moon and come into the final attack lane. Once past the moon hundreds of square transport ships with rounded noses exit from the battleships. Some reconnaissance ships can be seen flying back to the carriers as fleet sensors update the planet to Borheag’s console in real time. Borheag watches a virtual planet as he see’s many of the native aircraft on the planet landing while other smaller ones seemed to take flight and head toward the destination their own ground forces were headed to. Borheag turns his attention to the left holographic display as it enlarged a projection of the two gate users on planet.

The fleet moves toward the second deployment coordinates. Borheag watches the holographic display of the boy raising both hands. The sensors pick up the small energy being generated but are unable to distinguish how it was being manipulated. As the fleet comes into primary sensor range the fuzzy image of the boy’s ability becomes clear. Borheag looks forward at the front display to see the mass of transports reach the edge of the atmosphere. He stands up sucking in breath quickly but is unable to speak before an arcing thin white beam cuts across the edge of the atmosphere tearing two wide areas into the fleet of drop ships. Most of the bridge crew cringes. They are unable to say anything else before an alarm goes off. The gold light illuminates everything in the room. The bottom view screen at the front of the bridge shows a circle with percentages around it. 0% at the top a red slowly blending with blue until it reaches 15% where a dark blue sits then it blends with green which is at 30%, 45% yellow then from 50% to 100% is a golden color. The circle sits dark for a moment before the whole circle lights up with an additional line going around the outer edge of the circle; it stops at 100%, wavering a bit. The bridge sits unable to breathe as they stare at the screen. Borheag realizes he needs to break his gaze back to the display of the boy. As he looks at the screen of the boy he can see the boy has his hands razed and can now see he is pulling in more energy for another Beam of Nobility. The computer calculates the likely trajectory then displays to Borheag that the beam will likely go right into the center of the Eiris Eye.

“Evasive maneuvers!” Borheag yells pulling himself back into his chair. The pilot is shocked back to his senses instinctively jamming on the keyboard in memorized sequences. Ship wide alarms buzz as the fleet follows override commands to move out of the way. The white beam fires off from the planet surface cutting down the center of a bombardier ship, before destroying an entire frigate and hitting the Eiris Eye at the rear of the ship. The blast causes the ship to fish tail upwards. Borheag is thrown to the floor as many of the crew grip onto consoles from the rapid change in gravitational systems. The ship sputters as forward momentum begins to diminish from various gravitational pulls now affecting it. Lights on the ship flicker as power surges ripple throughout the ship. General Borheag bleeds lightly from his head where he had cut it on a nearby step. He gets to his knees looking up at the large operational screen at the front right of the bridge. On the right of the screen KIA markers are updated to nearly two thousand individuals instantly but the number grows every second. At the center an outline of the ship shows where the beam had hit the ship and what was destroyed. The warning lights turn off then back on as a timer activates in the top left of the operations screen.

“Artificial Gravity Failure 1.8 Micro-Cycles.” The red text at the top left of the screen says as the number counts down.

“General, power failures are rippling across all decks.” The operations officer says from the right bridge consoles. The center screen displays an outline of where the power core had been.

“Sir, the power core has been completely vaporized. Most of the immediate engineering staff are dead.” The woman at the communications terminal yells out.

“Status on wave one assault?” General Borheag yells back. The woman rapidly hits keys pulling up information.

“63% of wave one drop ships are damaged or destroyed.” She stops shocked by what she is reading before finishing slowly. “The ships not destroyed completely are burning up in planetary entry. No survivors expected.” She turns to face the General.

“General Ijni?” Borheag asks.

“He made it to the drop location. Most of the surviving ships are still emptying troops but will depart for return in one micro-cycle.” The woman answers. Borheag closes his eyes sighing in relief as he grabs his chair. A slight buzz is heard as power fails to the artificial gravity modules. Borheag opens his eyes as he begins to float into the air. He pulls himself into the chair grabbing a belt from the side of the chair and restraining himself into the chair. So rarely had crews practiced zero gravity simulations, Borheag hoped his personnel could remember enough of it. Borheag watches the remaining fleet sit at the drop point; the second set of drop ships was embarking from the carriers and battleships, most carrying motorized weaponry for fast moving and higher damage combat. The second set of ships spreads out making it through the atmosphere without taking any fire. Borheag is hopeless as he hits keys trying to reinitialize all of the information displays to remove the blanket of errors across his tactical screens.

“How long until secondary power is up and information displays are going?” Borheag asks impatiently.

“In a moment.” A logistics technician at the right says looking back at Borheag. A few seconds later his holographic display flickers removing the error codes and showing the descent of the second wave of craft. The gate sensor on the main console reappears showing the boy still maintaining 100% use.

“Gate sensor logs prior to the firing of the Beam of Nobility.” Borheag orders. The bottom screen at the front of the bridge blinks off then back on with a circle showing the line at 101%. The room gasps. Borheag turns to the holographic display in front of him watching the ships filled with men and armored vehicles descend through the air. He furls his eyebrows as the screen shows something moving towards the ships. Suddenly worried he calls out. “What is headed toward the second wave?”

“Sensors say it’s a class two prismatic shield.” Someone behind Borheag replies. The crew watches the display as the ships attempt to evade the nearly 100 mile wide shield. A third of the ships are unable to dodge the large shield impacting at nearly 15000 miles per hour, compressing into nothing more than pure matter. Segments of the shield hit by the ships break apart from the impact allowing following ships to pass through. A second shield begins to approach the still descending craft. The ships begin concentrating their firing at segments of the shield. They are able to punch holes in the shield but the holes are too small and take too much energy to open creating a panic as the pilots realize there won’t be enough room for all ships to get through. The pilots move to go through the holes but soon collide causing them to careen away from the openings they had created. The remaining ships divert their course away from the two humans to prevent further losses.

“48% of wave two has been destroyed.” The tactical officer says. Borheag slams his fist against the arm of his chair. The Eiris Eye had drifted slightly putting much of the fleet out of sight. As gravity of earth and the moon began to take more affect the ship begins to spin again to put the fleet back into their view.

“Where are the carriers?” Borheag remembers as he looks over at the communications console. The woman turns back to her console tapping in several keys as she listens to an earpiece in her right ear. She turns back to face Borheag before answering.

“The first wave has deployed further south on the planet to prevent easier targeting by the enemies. The second set will disembark for deployment in moments. We are also getting reports that the female target has engaged ground soldiers and is decimating our forces.” The communications woman answers.

“Do we still have crew in drop pods here?” Borheag asks.

“Yes we do, they are ready to go.” The operations officer replies.

“Signal all ships to send down wave 4 primary soldier dispatch. The carriers are out of the optimal drop lane. Once those are away the drop ships should be back, have them load all vehicles possible.” Borheag barks out. Most of the crew taps wildly at their screens while the pilot sits looking out the front window as the fleet comes back into view.

“Sir, drop ships are modifying rendezvous to not inhibit drop deployments.” The communications woman says. Borheag nods; contemplating how to salvage the terrible situation

“Pilot, fire boosters to position pods for long reach orbital entry. Once fired, try to reposition us closer to the fleet so we can assist with bombardment.” Borheag orders. The pilot taps a few buttons on his console before thrusters across the bottom of the ship fire causing the nose to tip upwards and the drop pods at the bottom of the ship to be in line of sight of earth. The concussion of the hundreds of pods echoes through the ship as they fire off in rapid succession. Many of the crew put their hands over their ears until the entire salvo of pods fire off. The main screen displays empty launch bays. The pilot activates the top boosters causing the nose to lower back to show the rest of the fleet and earth.

“Sir, I’m trying to activate further boosters to close distance but they aren’t activating. I show full reserves of fuel but the boosters are reacting like they are empty.” The Pilot says.

“Engineering crews, find out why we have fuel failure to the remaining rear boosters.” Borheag shouts into the internal communication console at his chair.

“First wave drop ships are coming in to land at fleet to load armored vehicles for fifth wave deployment. Second wave is offloading vehicles now and will be underway in a few micro-cycles.” The communication woman says. The crew sits and watches as the hundreds of drop pod they had released are joined by hundreds more from the fleet and fly towards the planet’s atmosphere.

“It’s up to Ijni on planet to coordinate this mess. The Coalition has given him the best place possible to fight.” Borheag says. He looks at the gate sensor screen at the bottom of the forward wall. It now reads a solid 101%.

“Sir, first wave drop ships have docked. Refueling and reloading is commencing.” The communication woman says. The crew sits in silence for a few seconds before a report comes into the operations console. The officer selects the report and listens intently to the engineer at the other end of the line.

“Engineering says shrapnel from the rear of the ship has punctured the pressurized propellant tubes. The majority of the propellant is floating around rear compartments, deck 12 and 13.” The officer relays to Borheag.

“Has any made it to the outer hull walls? Is there anyone else in the section for a lock down?” Borheag replies looking over at the officer. The officer turns around hitting a button on the console and talks with the engineer. Borheag waits impatiently worried that he has more dead on his ship then he believes.

“Um sir, the engineer says they had to wear suits since life sustaining systems in the areas are down. Sensors are also down in the aft portion of the ship. There are bodies everywhere. The propellant hasn’t reached the hull and could be contained by at least 3 decks of armor.” The officer replies. Borheag frowns, the loss of life continuing to hurt. He taps his holographic screen bringing up the confirmed KIA and MIA listings. He is shocked to find a lot more on the KIA screen. As he expands the list he drags it over a diagram of the ship. Much of the KIA centers on the engine portion, but a small line show where bodies had been tagged by the computer through the engineer’s camera and sensors. The KIA reads 1985 and MIA reads 8746. The downside of being the pride of the Coalition fleet also means that when it suffers damage it usually results is extensive loss of life.

“Can they fix the propellant situation for the boosters?” Borheag asks finally looking over at the operations officer.

“Without a pressurized container and propellant in the halls they couldn’t do a heat seal. A patch would just stop more propellant from leaving the container, it wouldn’t hold up to pressurizing the container. Artificial gravity is the only way to get the propellant left in the containers to the feed tube. The artificial gravity nodes in the area are damaged or missing.”

“Sir, wave 5 is departing.” The communications officer says.

“Sir, the boy has stopped his attack and withdrawn from the front lines.” The tactical officer says.

“Certainly something can be done about the propellant to get us within accurate firing range. We have the most powerful guns in the fleet.” Borheag says ignoring the other chatter. The operations officer stares at the front of the bridge not answering Borheag. The bridge goes white from a bright light emitting from the front screen. Borheag shields his eyes as he looks forward. Sirens blare suddenly as the gate sensors put 105% with unverifiable written above it. Looking at the screen Borheag witnesses the rarest ability to ever be recorded.


Chapter 7.2 – For our people’s future.

Jason and Amelia stand looking around the desert. The nearly lifeless desert was 93 degrees at 7 AM local time.

“Texas? Really, Texas?” Amelia looks around unhappy and letting Jason know by the sarcasm filling her voice.

“You know what, next time we fight off an alien invasion to save the human race, you find the 50 or 100 square miles of land that no one inhabits.” Jason responds his voice filled with his own sarcasm not looking directly at Amelia.

“North pole, I hate the heat.” Amelia responds crossing her arms while staring at him. Jason cringes at the unwanted look he knew Amelia was giving him. Jason shifts uneasily refusing to return Amelia’s look.

“You know, you can change the weather, you have that ability.” Jason responds waving his hands towards the sky and such.

“You wanted it hot and clear.” Amelia responds still unhappy.

“Then make a god damn igloo ok?” Jason responds throwing his arms out as he turns to finally look at Amelia. She stands there, arms still crossed giving him a disapproving look.

“I don’t have the time now; they’ll just blow it up by the time I get to enjoy it.” Amelia responds finally letting her arms drop to her side. Jason laughs lightly before responding sarcastically.

“Well the environmentalists will thank you for not helping spread the melting of the polar caps. All that weapons fire from orbit would certainly change the environment of the north pole.” Jason says mulling about. He looks around at the ground seeing cracks where the lack of water had dehydrated the ground so much it was splitting. He kicks around a rock already bored by the wait. He looks back over at Amelia as she makes tiny ice sculptures in her hands, setting them down one by one. He sighs rolling his eyes at the sight. He shakes his head as he kicks the rock again.

“Hey don’t be that way, you’re kicking a rock, and I’m practicing manipulation.” Amelia says accusatory. Jason sighs again. He makes an angry face glad he wasn’t facing her.

“I told you manipulation was never your problem.” Jason says angrily. Amelia stops, looking up at Jason. She lets the ice sculptures disintegrate. He could tell she was unhappy with him. He grinds his teeth lightly before continuing. “Your manipulation is great, probably the best, you are able to copy and use anything we’ve come across. I have never disputed that! You have asked why you can’t open up your gate more. Open up your mind more, ok?” Jason finishes.

“What does that even mean? Open up your mind more?” Amelia says impersonating Jason with a mock tone. Jason stares unhappy at this topic. He throws his hands up in the air and turns.

“This is an old conversation, I’m done. You know what you have to do.” Jason says.

“What, like creating things, tada!” Amelia says creating a long spear of ice. Jason turns to look at Amelia smile while holding the spear.

“No imagination!” Jason responds raising his hand. Energy gathers in Jason’s palm before he manipulates it sending it up and down to form a spear. The spear had four tips, each tip spiraled. The base of the spear was flat to be used as a stand or a shield. The whole ice spear seemed to have a pattern imprinted into the ice. Amelia drops her spear running up to Jason. Her spear slowly disintegrates the further from it she runs. She inspects the spear Jason holds. She marvels at the patterns. Humming birds, vines, and what looks like roman pillars line the outside of the ice spear he had created. It seemed to match nothing she had seen before.

“You just created this?” Amelia asks.

“Yes.” Jason says almost reluctant to answer as he looks away from her.

“How can you come up with something so outlandish right on the spot?” Amelia asks still mesmerized by the beauty of the spear.

“The same way I have opened my gate more; Flights of fancy.” Jason says as he lets go of the spear and turns back around to kick the rock. As he kicks the rock lightly he stops mid step. He looks back to see Amelia still holding the Spear while looking up at the moon.

“They’re really here.” Amelia says.

“As expected from the Coalition.” Jason says following Amelia’s gaze up to the moon. Jason looks up feeling the other gate users on the ships. With line of sight he was able to get a better sense of how many there were. Jason continues. “This will be harder than I thought, you need to watch yourself. They will still have a lot of Farasha and I can sense a large number of green ranked gate users.” She smiles looking over at him. Despite the argument they had just had there was still nothing that could keep them down.

“I love you.” Amelia says. Jason smiles at her.

“I love you too. Seriously, be careful.” He says his tone betraying the worry he holds. Raising his hands Jason gathers white balls of energy. He manipulates them to activate a fine sensing ability able to distinguish the tiny drop ships from the battleships and bombardiers.

“Will you strike Borheag down?” Amelia says stepping around him and walking toward the south where the drop ships seem to be heading. Jason looks down while keeping his hands up. He sighs briefly having trouble deciding on an answer.

“No, we need a powerful witness, he must observe. Decide however you wish on those who make it down. It will be a hard fought victory I think.” Jason says his voice showing little emotion. Amelia is happy to see Jason finally take a warriors stance in this battle. He had been far too playful with the commandoes and ship the previous day. In the morning light tiny specks can be seen in the sky, the flares of red from the ships bucking through the atmosphere. Jason knows he will have to use real power to get through this.

Closing his eyes Jason imagines the circle that is the gate of power. In the center is a large round handle. He grips the handle, pulling it open a tiny bit; a warm golden light shines through the opening. Little bits of golden energy dance around his head as he stands in the desert. With each bit the door is opened in his mind the golden energy around his head gets denser and faster. Soon the door handle is at the edge of the circle. The golden energy around his head spins wildly forming the golden crown of power. Opening his eyes he begins pulling in more energy.

Jason raises his hand generating the royal beam. He arc’s it across the sky destroying a significant amount of the first drop ships. Happy with lessening their forces by so much he closes his eyes to track the Eiris Eye’s movement. Such a large object but at such a long range even the slightest movement of his hand would send his aim off by millions of miles. Taking so much time had tipped the Coalition off as he feels the ships move to avoid his target path. Grinding his teeth he pulls his gate door open further past the door way. The beam generates firing out of the atmosphere and through two ships and obliterates the rear of the Eiris Eye.

Jason scoffs slightly at leaving half the ship intact. Though he realizes this would still serve it’s purpose of a powerful witness. Jason can feel Amelia prepare shields for the other drop ships leaving him time to prepare. Turning away from Amelia, Jason sprints across the plain as she engages the ground forces that arrived jumping across half mile intervals he is able to get to the crest of a hill giving him perfect sight of the battle Amelia fights. He closes his eyes once more seeing his gate open a bit past the door way. The door way was supposed to represent the most you can open the gate. He grabs the door handle tightly slowly dragging it further open from the center. Jason begins to pull in massive amounts of energy at the front of him.

A few minutes of gathering finally gives him the energy needed to start the ability. A large cone forms in front of Jason, the cone grows larger until it extends several miles into the air and is hundreds of miles in diameter at the end. Millions of threads from the end of the cone wave into space slowly melding into the solid sides of a long decagon cylinder. The cylinder extends away from the earth at light speed and ends at the tip of another cone just a few miles short of the nose of the Eiris Eye. Five of the sides are solid white, the other five sides are clear. As the crew on Eiris Eye looks on, Borheag notices the predictive jump on the gate sensors to 110%. He looks up to see the cylinder spinning. Another decagon cylinder appears in the center of the original, so small it is nearly impossible to see. Moments later all sides of the decagon become clear as the ability takes in more power from Jason. The light from the sun hitting the sides of the cylinder becomes highly compressed lasers which fire off into the cylinder.

As the light is sealed into lasers the center of the cylinder goes dark. However as the lasers of light bounce around the center and hit various ships it creates flickers of light. The damage is small but mere seconds pass before the amount of light is compressed and amplified when it hits the central decagon. With the amount of light from the sun hitting that large of a cylinder half a minute is all it takes before every ship in the fleet had sustained damage. The shouts of damage and pleas of help come through the communications system loudly. The communication technician takes off her ear piece, sobbing quietly as most of the bridge crew cry in horror. As a whole minute passes the two decagon’s fade. The fleet Borheag had commanded was no more.

“Communicate everything to military command.” General Borheag commands his voice showing the defeat he felt.

“Sir, our communication array isn’t working.” The communication officer replies.

“Very well then, we put our hopes in those soldiers who are serving on the planet.” General Borheag replies, letting his head fall to his chest.


“Sir, the remainder of the fleet is being decimated!” A Command nine yells up to Ijni as he stands in the turret of the only Eiris tank to make it to the surface.

“By the universe how could such a power exist at that level.” Ijni replies. He looks at the cone leading up to the decagon cylinder that encompassed the fleet in space.

“The Eiris eye is out of the attack area but it’s an easy target.” The command nine replies.

“Divert the remnants of the first through seventh mobile battalion to concentrate fire on the male. prevent him from using any further abilities if possible.” Ijni orders, a lower rank communications officer issues out the order to the groups. A command five runs up as Ijni watches groups break off in the distance from their attacks on Amelia.

“Sir, the female has seen the remaining carriers touching down. She is advancing quickly and is decimating 200 troops at a time.” The command five relays.

“Have all of our gate users gather in front of the carriers, take her down while they are separated.” Ijni tells the command five. The command five walks away from the Eiris tank as it rises off the ground. Ijni turns away from Jason in the distance to his target: Amelia. He steps into the main turret area sitting down at the targeting controls. Flipping several switches to his left, armor begins sliding upwards and around the turret area. The armor activates enclosing the area. Pressing another button to his right communication lines synchronize with his head set. The communication between the mobile brigades resounds loudly in his headset. The several hundred that had made it down were still being taken out by the dozen from rapid blasts from Jason. Turning his attention from the screen at the right to the open view port in the front Ijni can see a royal beam arc through several platoons of men before going through an outcropping of rocks and then through one of the cruisers as it attempts to launch fighters from the top hatches. The attack had managed to kill thousands of soldiers at Amelia’s right flank as well as destroying stabilizers to the port side of the carrier causing it to rock and shift to the side and into the outcropping it was trying to hide behind The hit causes several of the newly cut boulders to tip over and into the fighter bays at the top of the carrier. The fighters maneuver quickly to prevent from striking the sides of the carrier, only to be destroyed by the rocks falling into the fighter bay. The sound of the fighters being hit and destroyed deafens all other weapons fire. Smoke lifts from the center of the carrier.

Ijni attempts to break communication lines and order troops away from the outcropping but is too late as the rocks from the other side of the outcropping roll down the hill in an avalanche and decimate troops attempting to reinforce the attack on Amelia’s right flank. The large rocks crush swaths through the soldiers killing and injuring another two thousand soldiers. Ijni turns his head back to see the flames flickering into the sky from the fighter bay of the carrier. The fire causing explosives and the power plants from the fighters to explode in the bay. The sound continues to drown out the combat on the battlefield. Sensors aboard the Eiris tank still show him everything he needs to know. The gate use of Amelia had not dipped below 100% since the start of the battle. The royal shield wasn’t being used exclusively but it was up at practically every time she was seemingly vulnerable. Which, in Ijni’s eyes, meant the shield was likely up all the time and the other fields were used simply to bounce explosives off of to deal collateral damage to his own troops. The view screen at the left shows a wire outline of the battle and blinks slightly gold indicating they were within optimal firing range.

“All ground troops pull back, prepare for H.E. strikes. Use of all hand explosives authorized.” Ijni calls through all communication channels. The wire outline on the left shows a grey sphere surrounding Amelia. Many soldiers begin lobbing grenades of high explosive energy at Amelia. The grenades explode around her kicking up far more dust then doing any damage to her shielding. The soldiers run to get clear for the tank and other vehicle weaponry but many of the closest are struck down as she uses every means to kill them all. The line of gate users move back ensuring they can block further attacks against the carriers while they reposition away from the burning carrier that sits against the outcropping. The internal fire of the carrier begins to melt the outer shell of the craft. The ship explodes in spectacular fashion as the core finally melts open. The concussion kills many of the closest troops and causes most of the outcropping to turn into supersonic lethal debris. Ijni’s tank rocks back and forth from the explosion. Flying debris hits and kills those still standing on Inji’s right flank. Many of the vehicles to his right that he was depending on for H.E. strike support suffer catastrophic damage. A number of gate users sacrifice themselves to protect the carriers behind them from the explosion. The sphere now blinks gold on the left screen showing no living soul still remained in the firing arena but the target.

On queue the Eiris tank and other remaining high energy vehicles open fire at Amelia’s direction. She smiles briefly putting up multiple fields up to 150 feet away. The strikes impact the shields often wiping out whole troops of soldiers that stand near the shield locations. While the Eiris tanks attacks hit higher not hurting any troops the attacks much more powerful nature soon destroy her forward shielding and begin impacting around her. Amelia abandons placing shields in front of her instead reinforcing her shields at the left and right flank of Ijni. Soon a whole volley of rounds from the artillery hits a shield decimating an entire battalion of soldiers on Inji’s left flank. The soldiers on the battle field run away as they realize their own artillery was being used against them. Some even dropping their rifles to out run the expanding shields Amelia is putting up. As Amelia is unable to expand the shields any further then they are being destroyed, Ijni gives the carriers permission to launch their fighters.

The carriers once again set down on earth to hold them steady, allowing for safer deployment of the fighters. Amelia withdraws her shields to a closer location, raising her right hand colorless energy swirls in front of her hand. The support gate users push their power out reinforcing the shields of the higher users. The colorless beam arcs across the shielding of the Coalition gate users stopping it from penetrating and hitting any of the carriers. Many of the support users are unable to hold out, some falling over and dying from the strain, others fainted. She scoffs at being unable to do any damage. The fighters lift off from the bays accelerating over Amelia and right into the colorless beam of Jason.

The wreckage of the 35 aircraft comes hailing out of the sky. The tens of thousands of pieces of wreckage creates a wall in the middle of Ijni’s forces. Ijni’s eyes go wide realizing instantly how badly this was but his forces had already fired another volley. The volley of high energy rounds hits the wreckage that had been propelled into their path. The energy rounds explode decimating thousands of soldiers caught underneath them. The Eiris tanks own final round killing almost 500 troops closest to the tank including the command officers which had deployed to the sides of the tank to coordinate the battle. The tank sits angled on the ground crippled from taking its own blast so closely. The remainder of the wreckage in the sky peppers the troops. Thousands more die within seconds of the energy volley turning the remaining wreckage into supersonic plasma heated shards.

The remaining five craft that escaped the beam circle the carnage below briefly before starting their attack run. As they circle one of the craft hits an American military drone sending the coalition craft into the earth in the distance. Jason blinks repeatedly before falling to his knees laughing at the spectacle. He finally wipes a tear from his eye before surveying the hulks of burning metal that had made up the mobile attack brigade that had attacked him. He looks over at Amelia seeing her generating an advanced ability. The block begins to take shape and Jason knows she means to end this battle promptly. The remaining gate users fire off support boosted attacks at her. Acid base attacks fizzle against the royal shield, the earth based disintegrating, even the strong metals reinforced by multiple gate users simple bend or break on contact with her royal shield. Jason slowly generates the black energy of movement as he takes slow hops to where the Eiris tank sits crippled.

With a clap Amelia finishes the block. It reappears nearly a mile and a half away and half a mile high in the air, a clear chain connected to it. The gate users look at the block knowing it was not solid like Jason’s had been in the previous battle. The block was a constant molten metal and the chain that connected to it was the chain of subservience, an ability that very few have the mental capacity to use. Amelia grabs the chain pulling the block forward. In her mind she directs the block around as if swinging a flail. The remaining fighters each had gate users but the shielding they provide is nonexistent against an ability of that level. The block careens through the craft destroying all four before swinging around towards the remaining carriers. Some of the gate users try to run. Others stand still waiting for the inevitable death. Thousands of crew from the carriers scrambles out of the vessels hoping to survive. The chain of subservience first hits the nearest gate users in front of the first carrier, cutting through their shields and soon their own bodies as if they had never been solid to beginning with.

The block hits the first carrier, the hull not putting up any more resistance then the gate users in front of it. In only a second the block goes into the first carrier and exits the fourth one. Several fighters sit above the carriers attempting to launch. One of the fighters is unable to get out, its wing getting tapped by the block sending it twirling into the air hitting two other fighters attempting to escape. As the carriers begin to explode two more fighters push their acceleration to full flying over Amelia and away from the carriers. She swings the block back around decapitating two more rock formations with the chain before catching one of the escaping fighters. Jason raises his hand firing another colorless beam hitting the final fighter.

Walking up to the Eiris tank the remaining carriers explode. The blast rattles the armor of the tank and wakes Ijni. He looks up seeing the carriers burning on the ground. Realizing the tank is worthless he reaches down and pulls the emergency release lever. Most of the armor plates release from the turret and fall into their storage spots. Ijni turns to see Jason standing at the rear of the tank by the emergency hatch for the main control compartment which was open thanks to Ijni. Jason bends down letting go of a glowing blue ball into the vehicle. Ijni attempts to move but realizes he was likely crippled from the waist down. He calls his Farasha ability to nullify Jason’s chance to escape. Jason smiles at Ijni while waving briefly before teleporting away. Ijni sits realizing that a gate user of that level wouldn’t be affected by the Farasha ability, and he had no way to relay that information to military command.

From a distance Jason and Amelia watch as the blue orb explodes. The energy rips through the side armor while the majority of the explosion focuses upward through the turret space where Ijni sat.

“Sir, Ijni..” The tactical officer says stopping as he sees Borheag waving for him to stop.