The King – Chapter 8

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Chaper 8 – Recovery!

It had been just over a day since the battle that had occurred on the long street in Minnesota. The wreckage of the drop pods and houses still sat eerily silent where they had fallen. Most of the surrounding houses still smoldered where half of the fire departments from surrounding towns had spent almost 18 hours to put out fires that were started towards the end of the battle. The nearly mile of evacuated houses still sat empty. The police form a barricade of the whole area, and behind them another line of National Guard. At the edge of all of this the commander of the local swat team stands with the General overseeing the National Guard and the county sheriff.

“This is in a civilian area, we have jurisdiction!” The swat leader yells.

“The governor has declared an emergency and requested the National Guard, turning control over to the president. I have full jurisdiction of this situation, withdraw your men immediately and return to handling the civil unrest here. My soldiers will keep this locked down, per our orders.” The General replies, his reputation of being a stubborn and steadfast man being justified. The swat leader grunts in exasperation.

“Regardless of what you think, the state of emergency was put into effect when the riots started. If that hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t be here.” The sheriff reminds the General.

“Regardless of how it came about, I have orders from the president to secure this area and to not let anyone in unless authorized, that means civilians, even the police. All civilians that were injured or dead have been accounted for more than 10 hours ago. Both of your roles in this matter have ended.” The General replies.

“This is going nowhere fast.” The swat leader says looking at the Sheriff. With the fires now quenched and the crowds of reporters and gawkers being kept almost 75 feet away the slight whooping sound catches the sheriff’s ear. Turning from the two he picks up the unmistakable sight of helicopters in the distance. The sky had been unusually calm since the grounding of flights the previous day, not one flight clearance had been granted within 100 miles of that location for the last 18 hours.

“What in the hell are helicopters doing in the air?” The sheriff asks. The General and swat leader turn to see the specks in the distance.

“Colonel get the FAA on the line and my binoculars!” The General yells. A radioman and the Colonel run over. The Colonel hands the binoculars to the General as another swat member hands a pair to the swat leader. The two look through them briefly before the General lowers his and continues. “Those are Delta Force choppers.” The General says.

“General, orders?” The colonel asks still standing at attention.

“Bring a Humvee around quickly. They’ll be here in no time.” The General replies. The colonel runs away with the radioman in tow, the General no longer caring about the FAA.

“We’re going with you.” The Sheriff says looking back. The General gets angry again.

“No, this is still not your jurisdiction. Move your forces into the city and take care of the rioting!” The General orders pointing his finger at the sheriff. He had considered having the group removed but the last thing he wanted was an incident for the media about the rift between the National Guard and the local police forces. The sound of the helicopter drowns everything out as nine of them fly over head towards the street where the battle had occurred. After the group passes the Humvee can be heard driving up behind them stopping just short of the group. The General pulls open the passenger door, before stopping and watching as dozens of soldiers are dropping out of the helicopters as one of them lowers a small bulldozer. The sheriff and swat leader pull open the back doors of the Humvee and get in while the General watches the helicopters. He turns angry to see the two in the back seats.

“You’re gonna have to shoot us or drag us out of here to not take us.” The Sheriff says closing his door.

“Or both.” The swat leader adds shutting his door. The General growls looking back at a group of soldiers standing near the command post 50 feet away. He gets into the Humvee shutting his door not wishing to waste any more time.

“Go!” The General commands gruffly, making it obvious he was unhappy with this situation but knowing solidarity was needed in this time of confusion. The driver pounds on the gas pedal causing the Humvee to launch down the road. Cutting through cross streets the driver hangs corners tightly ignoring all of the usual road signs.

“Any other time I’d have cited you for well over two dozen tickets for this, so enjoy it while you can.” The sheriff says looking up at the driver who is smirking.

“Wants to be a race car driver, join’s the military.” The General says shaking his head slightly. The thought was obviously not a new one to him. Pulling onto the street of the attack the group finally sees the Delta force soldiers completely in biohazard suits. Three of them stand 40 feet ahead of them their weapons drawn. The Driver slams both feet onto the breaks. The tires lock up from the pressure he exerts on the pedal. The smoke from the tires skidding along the pavement sticks with the Humvee for some time. As the smoke clears the four in the Humvee can see the three Delta Force soldiers still sitting there, gun’s trained on the vehicle. The General raises both hands out of the vehicle. A Delta Force soldier waves his gun signaling him to get out. The General opens the door from the outside and gets out of the vehicle. As the door closes the soldier walks towards him.

“Under order of the President we were placed in charge of this area.” The General says, standing still keeping his arms rigid.

“I’m sorry you haven’t received your updated orders General. The United States is under Martial Law.” The soldier replies. Before the General can respond the bulldozer in the background pushes one of the houses out of the way of a flat area allowing for a helicopter to land. The soldier continues. “While I know you and your driver, the other two in the vehicle I cannot confirm. I’m going to have to ask you to return to your post and wait for your new orders from the pentagon.” The General is obviously displeased by this news.

“Lieutenant!” Another soldier in suit calls out from a distance. The first soldier turns as the remaining two soldiers keep their weapons trained on the vehicle. The Lieutenant taps his ear lightly signaling to the soldier in the distance to radio him. “They won’t work with all this energy from the weapons. We have a live one. We have to get him out quick before one of the helo’s comes down on us from interference.” The Lieutenant turns to the General again.

“I know you want to be here, but this is my mission, please leave and let me do my mission. We all may soon see far more action than we ever thought possible.” The Lieutenant says forcefully but the subtle undertones made the General believe he is missing out on an important communique. The General turns and gets back in the Humvee. The driver stares at the General waiting for an order.

“Turn us around and take us back to command.” The General orders as he watches the Lieutenant run away from them toward the other group of soldiers working feverously. With the house now entirely flattened a modified Blackhawk helicopter can be seen landing. As the doors slide open the Humvee can see it has medical and biohazard supplies and equipment in it. Two men jump out with red crosses across their front and back. They run to where the other group is.

“What’s going on?” The Sheriff says breaking the General’s concentration of the situation. The vehicle reverses until it has enough room to turn around without coming close to the other soldiers.

“He said marshal law has been issued to the entire United States. If it’s true, shit is going to hit the fan.” The General replies as the Humvee turns around in the road and heads back towards command. The sheriff and swat leader look at each other.

“Lieutenant, here!” A soldier says standing next to a partial wall from a house. As the Lieutenant comes around he can see the seven bodies. The worst, a man cut in half with only partial armor. The two medics seem to be working on the seventh.

“He has a deep cut in what looks like his lungs. If his anatomy is similar it would be close to his heart. “The primary medic says.

“Can you move him?” The lieutenant asks.

“I can’t give a recommendation sir.” The medic responds looking back up at the Lieutenant.

“If he was a human would you move him? We don’t know how long that helo will be operational.” The Lieutenant replies pointing to the medical helicopter still sitting where it had landed.

“Yes sir.” The medic says as he gets up and runs back to the helicopter for the stretcher. The Lieutenant moves to the cockpit of the helicopter and taps on the glass. The pilot opens the door himself in a biohazard suit as well.

“Was there any relays before you came down?” The Lieutenant says screaming to be heard over the propeller.

“General relay to all troops. Fleet expected target is northern Texas. There is confirmation of the two defenders are present in the middle of a flat.” The Pilot says while the two medics load the injured alien.

“Give me two minutes!” The lieutenant says

“Two minutes.” The Pilot says holding up 2 fingers. The Lieutenant runs away from the helicopter to the road way, signaling for one of the sergeants to run over. The sergeant runs from his position across the street where they had found another group of bodies.

“Sir.” The Sergeant says coming to a stop.

“Sergeant, with communication out I need to go up with this helo to report. You’re in charge. We got word that the alien fleet is on target to Texas where the two from this battle are. Top priority is one of those pods and any piece that supposedly came off of the ship, anything resembling circuitry or technology. We are expecting another three squads by ten hundred. Technology first, all of the alien bodies rounded up, including those burned second. Everything bagged and tagged. Get it done!” The lieutenant says slapping the sergeant on the shoulder and running back to the helicopter. He hands his machine gun to another soldier exchanging it for the man’s rifle as he jumps into the helicopter. As the doors shut the soldier outside the helicopter gives the thumbs up to the pilot and creeps away from the landing spot hunched over.

The helicopter lifts off of the ground the pilot and co-pilot obviously struggling with the power fluctuations. Finally after getting several feet off of the ground the power stabilizes and the pilots push the helicopter away from the site and back towards the air force base.

“Flight control this is uniform hotel six zero quebec zero seven on approach, request immediate landing with medical staff on station, quarantine conditions.” The pilot says. The Lieutenant waits for the pilot to finish his communication before unhinging a radio from the back of the cockpit. He hits several buttons on the radio before connecting it to a link on his suit. The radio buzzes briefly before the link is established.

“Report.” The gruff voice comes through.

“We have one alive, arriving at air force base at MSP imminently. Considerable parts are still on site. Energy influence on communication and electronics is extreme. Recommendation is additional forces on site to secure against possible ambush by any foreign forces.” The lieutenant answers. The man sighs before answering back.

“That’s not going to be needed. This shit is going to be raining out of the sky for years.”