The King – Epilogue

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“Are you sure.” Roark’s voice trails off as he comes out of the hole in the wall. The ice glinting from the Siszero’s light. Roark is a bit taken back. He finally gets his voice and continues. “It’s big maybe three times the size of our largest Capital ship. Why didn’t we use this against the Humans?”

“My mentor said it was made to fight fleets, not planets. Though judging from the ice, I suspect he had never seen this.” Siszero answers

“How far back did this go?”

“The ice is, what 1200 cycles?” Siszero asks.

“Yeah.” Roark says still mesmerized by the sight.

“Maybe they saw it when part was still above ice. They could have cut the tunnels down here.” Siszero says looking around. The tunnel they had come through looked different. He bends over to look at the edge, seeing part of the ice cracking and moving threatening to cut them off from leaving. The ice begins to resonate from the sounds the two make.

“A self-destructing cavern! Only use it if it has to be, it can only be used once!” Roark yells as the two sprint down the side of the cavern towards the ice floor.

“Hah most excitement I’ve had in 40 cycles!” Siszero says laughing.

“Who made this thing?” Roark says curiosity overriding his fear of dying.

“Hah, the Neerkin of course!”